What is Virtual CIO?

A Virtual CIO provides senior level Chief Information Officer skills on a flexible, or part-time basis.

How We Bring Value!

We ensure that your technology and related processes are strategic, streamlined, secure, and tied to business outcomes.

The Value We Brought!

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Barker Management Consulting ensures that business technology is mission oriented, strategic, and secure for service-based industries and government contractors.


9-Figure Organization and Gambling

A horse training organization was having issues with the technology implemented and proper cybersecurity.  Gambling was a main driver for the organization.

They need a full evaluation:  worflows, process and procedures, and technology.


Federal Gov’t Web Services Support

The federal government was executing a significant expansion of a support program for active duty, retired, and military spouses. The platform has a global reach with over 400,000 users. The expansion saw a significant uptick in the amount of personnel needed to support the web portals.

To accommodate for the increase of client users, support staff, and future services significant processes and procedures needed to be designed to streamline operations and create a smooth experience for the client users.


Workflow Strategy Expansion

A technological non-profit has been tasked with assisting localities with expanding rural broadband. The non-profit had a solid process for evaluating the current infrastructure in place and identifying expansion priorities.

They wanted to expand their support in helping localities get out of the gate with actual implementation.

News and Notes: Expand your Knowledge

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