Boutique Consulting Services

Business and IT Consulting

The Core Services:

vCIO: Developing Your Custom IT Strategy

Creating a custom roadmap for you business. This not pre-canned solution to fit a business type. We learn how you want your business to run and develop short and long term goals to ensure the greatest ROI for your business.

Business Process Management

Business process management is not a one-time activity but continuous improvement to keep a competive edge by streamling operations. We help evaluate, strategize, design, and optimize the business process to ensure that your people, technology, business objectives, and core mission are all in alignment.

Organization Change Management

While change is a part of all of our lives, too many people fear change and the unknowns it can bring. To remain competitive it is important to have an effective change management strategy and the first key is a proper communication strategy with your team. We use recognized industry methods in Change Management to ensure that your team understands the Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How of necessary changes. Avoiding the pitfalls of falling back on old practices.

Strategy Design

To implement effective strategy is to first focus on the companies core mission and envisioning the end result. The strategy design for each department and team is aligned with the core mission at its heart. We help refine your corporate strategy to ensure that all areas of your business are pointing toward the same goal and help your team overcome the natural fear of change that comes along.

Project Mangement

We bring the gold standard to Project Mangement as a certified Project Mangement Professionals (PMP) from PMI. We have brought a wide variety of technical experience, advanced methodologies, and engaging skill sets in a wide variety of industries. Our singular purpose is to get all of the project team members focused on the singular goal for successful execution.