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Creating a Business Leaders Dream Vision


We work with client in 3 Primary Ways



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Business Samurai 6 Month Corporate Sprint- Not for the Faint of Heart  (maximum 5 Concurrent Clients)

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Discovery of your Business Mission

A trend we’ve noticed with growing organizations is a stalling out of growth mode.  The company loses its focus, mission, and purpose.  Before we can begin to implement better tech and cyber principles, we need a clear understanding of the business high-level goals.

Evaluation of Business Operations

We user Project Management Institute (PMI) standards to begin formalizing your business operations.  Like one big project or portfolio management endeavor.

Cybersecurity industry leaders are very good at what they do.  But we are not approaching the small and mid-size clients in the right manner.  Small and mid-size businesses have few if any documented, repeatable processes.  While there needs to be baseline cyber technology and rules in place, we must look at the business operations as a whole. Staff that are used to following business processes in their day-to-day job, will find it much easier to adhere to cyber security requirements in the long term.

IT Strategy Planning

We use special business opportunity and bottleneck discovery methods to prepare a detailed technology plan that solves operational challenges and supports greater productivity.

Cyber Security Evaluation

Barker Management Consulting utilizes industry standard guidelines such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-171,  & HIPAA to determine your companies risk exposure to data leaks, breaches, insider threats.

Industry Technology Analysis & Research

Barker Management Consulting will collaborate with your team to understand current industry trends and challenges. Next, we look for applications and best practices to solve problems in your related industries.

Quarterly Business Review

To keep your business and its technology aligned, we schedule regular meetings to discuss technological advancements and review current/future business objectives.

 IT Budget Oversight

Barker Management Consulting will keep your company on budget by monitoring the utilization of all applications to determine what’s working, what isn’t, and where improvements can be made. We also monitor annual plans to avoid unnecessary automatic renewals.

Not Canned Solutions

Barker Management Consulting is vendor agnostic, which means we sit on your side of the table when vetting vendors. Our job is to make sure you aren’t investing in solutions that you don’t need.

Who We Support

Barker Management Consulting works in a wide variety of service industry types that include but not limited to:

Law Offices

Government Contracting Companies

Medical Practices

Accounting Firms

Software Development Firms

Public Sector Entities

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